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Usage with Vuex

Vuex is supported but due to its nature with mutations, it's a bit more verbose to use than Pinia. It's recommended to use Pinia instead of Vuex if you can, your DX will also improve.

You must set the strict option to false in order to use Vuex with VueFire.

You can can call useCollection() and other composables from VueFire within your components to connect to your store:

import { doc } from 'firebase/firestore'
import { toRef } from 'vue'
import { useStore } from 'vuex'
import { useDocument } from 'vuefire'

const store = useStore()
const userDataRef = doc(firestore, 'users', userId)

const user = toRef(store.state, 'user')

useDocument(userDataRef, { target: user })

In this scenario, the Firebase subscription will stop when the component is unmounted. In order to keep the subscription alive after the component gets unmounted, use an effectScope() within an action:

// create and export a detached effect scope next to where you create your store
export const scope = effectScope(true)

export store = createStore({
  // ...

Then you must call the useDocument(), useCollection() and other composables from VueFire within that effect scope like this:

ts => {
  useDocument(userDataRef, { target: user })

The good thing is you can call this anywhere in your app, you are not limited to doing this inside setup().

Released under the MIT License.